Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Love this...

Life can be difficult at times, but we can absolutely decide to be happy. Each of us experience trials, some of those trials can knock us off course with one blow and some can be so subtle that they gently steer us away from our goals. We have a choice though, whether or not to allow this and to continue on the path of our choosing and be happy. It's a decision and we all have the power to make it.

I absolutely love receiving my daily teachings from The Secret. Each day at 8am, I get a notification that tells me I have a new teaching for the day. Kind of like a positive thought for the day, only it's really specific to the law of attraction which, I believe in. I am trying daily to apply the law of attraction into my life, because I know it works. So, everything I feel and believe, I attract. It's that simple. I have had experiences when this has really taken place, and now, I make sure I am really careful what I think about throughout my day.

If I start my day positive and continue with positive thoughts, I know that I have better control over my day and ultimately, over my life. Naturally, life throws us curve balls that we cannot control, but we actually can change and control our outlook and we can change some of the outcome.

Have a great day!

- Lisa -

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