Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Brand New Adventure...

I've had some time out of late...No blogging, no creating, no fitness, no socialising, no fun etc etc! My last blog post was about our Dorset holiday in 2015 which was great! Since then, life hasn't been as sweet as I have wished, but this is how life goes sometimes. We all go through something. Some experiences are harder than others...some things we bring on ourselves and some we do not and we question what we have done to deserve it.  Some of us are more graceful at dealing with what life deals us, some of us place blame because we cannot deal with the harsh reality that we messed up...some of us just crumble and admit defeat. Some of us move on and learn.

The year 2015, for me, was a year to want to forget...but unfortunately, it's not easy to forget what has happened to me. I DO NOT want to make this a pitty post... on the contrary, I want to connect the dots from then until now so that things make sense to me and why I have arrived at the point and where I am at right now.

RIGHT NOW...I am in a good place. Right now, my perspective on life has changed, right now, my self-confidence is growing and I am learning and boy am I teachable and right now, I have a plan. I am so excited about what is happening to me and where my adventure may be taking me and my family. 

What I have learned within these past months since my misfortune, is that I am on a journey, and I am either going to put things into place to make my future brighter, or I am going to sit on my pitty potty and moan about the past. I am learning, day-by-day, in every way, that I can create my future -  and THAT is no joke!

I have been presented with an opportunity to turn my life around and I have grasped it with both hands. 

This opportunity has driven me to work on my mindset, which in turn will help me to build up my own self-confidence again and look to a brighter future, with lessons in my back pocket.  I am now self-employed and working under the umbrella of an amazing, and well established, global company. I have made some wonderful new friends and the support and training I'm getting is second to none. The company are Gold, Investors in People and are regulated by the Direct Selling Association. The incentives are mindblowingly generous and I am being paid generously and able to work around my family and other commitments. I have been given the opportunity to dream big and I am on track to make them a reality. I have never, EVER been in a position like this before...In fact, my Husband told me today, that he has never seen me have a drive like this before!! My Mum and Dad are amazed at how far I have come, and how excited and positive I am now. 

How grateful I am!

The story continues...

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