Monday, 23 February 2015

A little break from the norm...

Hi all!
We just had a week off school and what a lovely week it was.
My little brood managed to get out and do a few things this last week. Despite the weather being chilly still, we wrapped up and embraced it because there was sunshine. It was like pure gold, so we made the most of it.
Paul and I went away this weekend to Nottingham for a couple of days and strolled around, relaxed and enjoyed good food.

One of my favourite places in Nottingham was Aubrey's Traditional Creperie. I absolutely love her little place. Service really was given with a smile along with a brief overview of how she came to set up her little deli...(deli for deli-sh!)
Aubrey lived in Brittany for a while where she learned the art of the traditional crepe and gallette. She also learned about the brewing of the finest ciders and how they preserve them in France to keep them as pure, untainted and organic as possible.
It was a delight to listen to her passion for food and I admire her bravery in setting up this place in the heart of Nottingham, where there really isn't anything quite like her menu anywhere in this city. It really is a little gem, and tucked away down an little ally of all places...It was a case of " Seek and ye shall find" kind of story.
I loved the rustic tiles on the walls, the blankets outside on each of the chairs to welcome others to utilise her little space. The hanging utensils, the music and aromas are to be remembered.
Aybrey also makes her own salted caramel in house which she sells in the shop. Why not visit her online, or even better, in Nottingham itself if you're ever in the area. You will not not be disappointed.

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