Friday, 27 December 2013

Festive snippets 2

Here are some pictures of the Lincoln Christmas Market. We decided to brave the crowds and have an afternoon/evening outing as a family. 
Delightful smells of german sausages, baking and gluwein. Music, merriment and some lovely stalls. It was extremely festive and reminded me so much of my days in Munich as an Au Pair many moons ago. I remember visiting Munich Christmas Market when I lived there and I had never experienced anything like it before. It was snowing the first time, I remember it all. So anything that comes remotely close to a German market really is nostalgia in its purest for me. Lincoln was miniature in comparison but wonderfully festive all the same.
It was absolutely wunderbar!

Apologies for the blurrr...this was the view of the cathedral from the big wheel. It really was stunning.

View of the Lincoln Christmas Market from the wheel...another blurred one but it was a little gusty up there :)

Here is Seth and Paul a little apprehensive on the big wheel. 


I had to include these two pictures. During a spot of Christmas shopping we took time to appreciate the rather large Christmas puddings :)

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