Friday, 13 December 2013


Wow...doesnt time fly!!!
I found this picture of my daughter that was actually taken not that long ago. The weather was so mild and it's hard to believe that we were all happy eating a picnic, playing in the park and blowing bubbles. It just made me think of the wonderful Summer we had together this year. We really couldn't fault it.
Now we are heading into the full swing of Winter and snow is in the air. Everyone is feeling it. Sniffles, coughs and colds. My kids have had the rounds, including the majority of my family. I on the other hand have had a wisdom tooth come through...quite naughty really just as I am up to my eyes in seasonal tasks. I have been feeling rather irritated by it and have missed out on much needed sleep which has resulted in me feeling rather under the weather. I thought I was going to escape the bugs. Well...complaining over, we are all good now and looking forward to the festivities.

In the meantime though...I will remember this picture and all the carefree memories that have made this year so wonderful and look on to another one.

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