Friday, 20 December 2013

A special day for me me me...

So a little over a month ago I had a Birthday. not a special number or anything, but it was special all the same. One of the reasons it was special was because I absolutely love birthdays as a rule and I love to celebrate them and also, because Paul had the day off work so we got to spend the day together. I decided that I wanted to go to the City of Lincoln and mosey around the shops, head up Steep Hill (which, is VERY steep indeed) and stop for a cuppa and cake. I love the cobbled streets, the cafe's and quirky buildings off the beaten tracks and the view from the hill, looking down across the city is so beautiful, especially on a day like that day.

It was such a beautiful day...sun shining, golden leaves falling and crunchy under foot and the cathedral was lit up like a beacon on top of the hill as the sun shone directly on to it. Later we ventured down the hill to the Waterside where we found a noodle bar. We got a perfect seat which overlooks the river in all it's glory while the sun continued to beam.

What a perfect day!!

The beautiful Lincoln Cathedral...

Paul is enjoying a carefree conversation with a man and a bycicle.

apparently, this was THE owners BEST t-pot.

tea...halfway up Steep Hill favourite

a perfect place to eat on a day like this...

and finally....the cake that my darling Husband made for my Birthday x

....It was a very happy birthday indeed x

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