Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday pie...

The weather has changed so much in the last couple of weeks. It has become significantly darker in the mornings and at night so we are loosing daylight each day, and, the temperature is a lot cooler than it has been. With that comes the need for warm food and blankets. Movies with the kids and more snuggly cuddles. Today has been a bit like that...very restful and carefree. Paul made cottage pie for dinner then after we watched a Harry Potter movie with popcorn and yes, blankets too.

The highlight of my day was a teeny weeny snooze on the sofa and then later baking a bramble and apple pie with the brambles we picked yesterday. How very lovely. I haven't had any yet, in fact, I am literally waiting, as we speak for it to cool down so I can have a slice.

The children are all snuggled up in their beds...recharging their little yet large batteries for the week. I am now going to eat some pie with some fresh nettle tea which is brewing in a pot and submit myself to a wonderful podcast and some crochet. Then, thats me done. Another week gone and a busy one approaches.

Hope you have all had a lovely Sunday whatever the weather and wherever you are.


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