Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bramble picking...

Today was one of those Saturdays that could have left us feeling lethargic and grumpy with each other but it didn't. We were saved by a mere suggestion of going for a walk...but not just any old walk. Not one that makes you go, "urgh, do we have to...!" but one that made us go " come on then, lets see what we can find", and only because i suggested that we take a tub and fill it with brambles.
I'm so glad we got out. 
We have had such a busy and tiring week getting back to routines and schedules. The kiddos have been uber tired and tetchy at home and I thought we should have a jaunt to the Old Cemetary to collect some goodies...enough to make a delicious and juicy pie anyhow.

Being out makes all the difference to your mood and it certainly did that to ours.

At first Seth and Esther were afraid of pricking their little fingers on the thorns and nettles but they soon got into the swing of it when they witnessed that we were alright doing it. Esther loved the squidgyness of the really ripe berries and Seth looked for bugs on them. Paul was the man and climbed up onto a stone to get to the really plump fat ones that were showcasing themselves right at the top. We all went home with purple fingers. A joy!

The trees are chaining with the season...beautiful colours and smells and sounds. This is one of my favourite places nearby to see these changes in a nut shell, and it is right on our doorstep.

Wondering about looking for oddly shaped twigs and birds feathers

The ever beautiful St James church. A perfect view from this lovely place.

The men...enjoying their findings.

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