Thursday, 29 August 2013

the beauty of our town...

Today was filled with pottering! mainly around the house and the garden. Baking. Reading. Movie watching and popcorn be honest, we were all shattered today so we just decided that this was what we were going to do today. But later, as the sun was shining and the day was leaving us, we decided to venture out to somewhere lovely.

St Mary's Old Cemetery. Paul and I had our pictures taken here when we were married in the Autumn 9 years ago. It's beautiful, full of old head stones and memories. The children really loved it. They collected sticks and pretended to make a fire then we hid behind the huge trees and played tig. We picked brambles...well, the ones that were ready anyway. Not enough to make a pie but in a week or so after some more lovely sunshine i'm sure they will be ready for us.

I really can't believe how wonderful the summer has been here in England this year. We certainly didn't expect it to last as long as this. it's still so incredibly warm and bright. Needle to say, I am loving it all.

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