Friday, 30 August 2013

Bit's n Bobs...

Today I have been appreciating the lovely things I have collected and made over the last year for our home. I'm a coward though because I don't want to take pictures of where they stand at the moment as there's still a lot to do in the house and I'm afraid the pictures won't do the items justice yet.
I am struggling to find the time to revamp our lovely victorian home and it gets frustrating at times because i lay awake planning and pondering ways I can fit it all in, alongside my creating things, raising the kids, keeping a happy Hubby and my training routine.
luckily though, the kiddos go back to school next week. Esther starts school for the fist time so there will be plenty of time to roll my sleeves up (literally) and get stuck into the decorating and the conditioning of the house. I've set myself a room at a time of course...then, and only then will my lovely collections take centre stage. I'm a bit like that. kitchen first, then the "snug" (my favourite, most heavenly place) then the kids rooms. All before Christmas!  I might be pushing it but we shall see...if I'm lucky and on a roll, the hall way, stairs and landing. HA HA HA!
SO, just a few things bit's n bobs I thought I'd post for now. 


This wall unit will be going in the kitchen. I obtained this little beauty from a lovely little shop called Serendipity. The lady there has become a friend of mine and I often pop in to see what she has. You can find her at:

My son made this dreamcatcher for Enterprise day at school...I bought it from him. I absolutely love it.

Some more from Serendipity...I love this tapestry.

It certainly is folks!!

A pencil drawing I did many years ago. It was quite crumpled when i dug it out so i pressed and framed it. I also love this picture of Paul and I just before we were married. It has to be one of my favourites.

This was also from Serendipity...a recent purchase that sums up the style i love. A 1960's woven foot stool. Delicious!

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