Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My health...

Since the end of January this year I have dramatically changed the way I eat and the way I see food. Over the years I have struggled with my weight since having my children. I have always been physically fit and have always maintained an active lifestyle but I have always struggled with food. Though I have a pretty good knowledge of food as a whole when it comes to nutrition, I still had the wrong perspective as to what my body needed. I always believed calorie restriction helps us loose weight and that a high cardio session burns unwanted calories to aid quicker weight loss.

How wrong I was!!

After research and experience over the past few months, my relationship with food, calories and exercise have completely changed.
I now believe that our bodies thrive on sugars and if they are the right kinds of sugars and calories then there shouldn't be any restriction on them at all. I am talking about the natural kinds of calories that metabolise quicker than the refined ones.

So, I now eat fruit for most of the day and have a proper cooked meal at the end of the day with my family. When I say cooked, I mean starches and veg etc. I cut out dairy and I eat meat and fish maybe once a week. Because of this, my body has changed inside and out. i have lost 35 pounds all together and it's still coming off. I love to run, but because of my weight, I couldn't run for more than 3 miles at a time without really feeling it. Now, I run 6miles and i take part in 10k runs locally for a challenge. I feel more energised, clear headed and brighter. I sleep better. My skin is better. Seasonal allergies have decreased, and my general well being has increased, including my self esteem and confidence. 
I cannot believe that I have gone all these years without realising this. Natural, unprocessed food really is the best.
For me, this is a huge achievement and it's one thing I know that really works. it's not a fad diet, its a healthy one and a lifestyle change that has dramatically impacted on my life as a whole and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

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