Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lovely times with Esther...

Esther and I are enjoying spending our last free days together before she starts big school in September. I will miss her very much. What great company she is and these little years have flown by. 
But I can honestly say that I have cherished the moments each day although it has been quite challenging at times due to her "female-ish" temper tantrums :), it's no secret. Every day is different though, but within every day, something lovely happens and I have changed and learned a lot because of it.

Naturally, it's not over when children go to school. Seth turns 7 next month and again, I can't quite believe how fast the years have gone. He settled into school well and created some lovely friendships and is growing and learning well. Happy days as they say!
We are also fast approaching the 6 weeks holidays...I hesitate in saying "summer" holidays because I am doubtful whether we will have one. That aside, we have lots of fun plans, rain or shine.

Shell collecting...

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