Tuesday, 21 May 2013

DIY TeePee

This last weekend I made our kids a teepee. They have been making dens in odd places around the house which, I don't mind so much but when they want eat snacks and play lego it gets a little tiresome finding their little trails around the house. You know where they've been i can tell you :)
I thought a pop-up teepee might help.
It's easy peasy to construct. Heres how i did it...

i used:

5 large garden canes
garden wire
garden string
an old white double bed sheet
blankets/cushions for cosiness

to construct:

* First I tied the canes together at the top, loosely, then pulled them out into a circle at the base.

* Using the garden wire, weave around each cane to secure the structure (half way down each cane), then secure the wire to the canes with string. Make sure you leave two canes untied for the opening.

* Next, fold your sheet in half and cut a medium sized hole in the middle ready to pop over the top of the structure to create the tent. Secure this at the top with string then cut an opening in the sheet.

* Arrange the sheet so that the opening isn't gaping open but that there is a little secret gap for the kids to crawl into...thus making it 'den like'. I made a stitch close to the top for this.

* Lastly, hang fairy lights for a touch of magic and maybe a cushion or their favourite blanket or two.

Hey presto! Your very own pop-up teepee!  
Of course, it can be folded away and stored well. And of course you can make an adult version using longer canes and a larger bed sheet.

Enjoy! xx

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