Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Day...

So far, this weekend has been so lovely with my little family. Hubby has been off work so we've really taken advantage of the time together but not crammed so much in that we've missed it all. Today we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful Easter service then came home and cooked a lovely meal. Paul rarely cooks or bakes but loves to do both when time permits. So, I made dinner and he made pudding...and a very British and festive pudding it was too, Hot Cross Bun, bread and butter pudding with dates and cinnamon. Delicious.

the fire was lit before dinner and we played the Tron soundtrack in the background. 
One of our favourite things to do as a family is make a lovely meal with all the nice crockery, put everything out on the table and eat as a family. It's wonderful. These are teaching moments for the kids, goals are made, laughter and giggles, jokes etc. A lot is said and done.

Today was no exception...we had dinner later than normal because we relaxed for most of the afternoon and nibbled on chocolate bunnies. It was a great Easter Sunday.
Tomorrow is egg hunt day! outdoors if the weather is fine but indoors if not. This is what the kids do on Easter Monday morning. then we plan to spend the day together. We might even fly a kite. Whatever we decide, its going to be carefree.

Enjoy the Easter break!

Chick and Bunny sat in a hot tub...

Hot Cross Bun, bread and butter pudding. Delicious!!

I love my kitchen. I especially appreciated it today for all the smells of cooking and baking, kids running through doing their random kids stuff and eating together at the table.

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