Thursday, 20 December 2012


It's been a busy few weeks...decorating and ploughing my way through the normal everyday business of being a housewife and mother....not only this but preparing myself for a 10k run on New Years Day (with my husband) and trying to also consider Christmas at the same time. I must admit though, because my time has been stretched I literally haven't had the chance to stress about the preparations of Christmas as much as I normally do. It's quite strange. You would think that I would be pulling my hair out. Well I'm not. I'm chilled and taking things in my stride. The nativity is out, tree and lights up, advent Calendar almost at an end and presents almost wrapped. I've been to the children's events at school and enjoyed them all.
There are still things that need to be done for Christmas Day in particular because mine and Paul's parents and little brother (aged 16) are joining us this year. I'm looking forward to having them and relaxing and watching the children entertain us. After all, it is so very exciting for children and I'm excited for them. I remember that feeling I used to get as a child when I really believed in Santa. I wonder memories they will make this year.

Jurriane Matter paper circle decorations.

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