Sunday, 18 November 2012

This new yarn....

I love iddy-biddy crochet with as small a hook as possible, but of late I have been pushing my boundaries. 
Zpagetti Yarn with a 12mm crochet hook.....Bliss! I love working with this suff. The effects are almost instant, no sooner have you done your slip knot, you find that you have created some really effective giant stitches with it. I love the colours and texture; smooth, stretchy and bold......Take a look!

Get started and enjoy!

See below for more information and ideas

Zpagetti consists of strips of high quality elastic cotton and is available in a wide range of colours and trendy designs. Zpagetti is made from offcuts of new collection fabrics, the colours and designs are therefore based on the latest fashions and change continuously.
Handbags, soft toys, pillow cases and many homewares can be easily made with Zpagetti. We have several patterns that are especially designed for Zpagetti. They are available for free at the website.
Since the width of Zpagetti strands is between 0.8 cm and 1.2 cm, a large crochet hook or large knitting needles are needed. Our crochet hooks and knitting needles are made of bamboo and therefore light and comfortable to work with. They can be purchased through our online store.
An important characteristic of Zpagetti, is that the width and structure of the wire differs. It is important to keep an eye at the desired size and shape of your item while crocheting or knitting with a pattern. You can change the amount of stitches in the pattern, depending on the width and elasticity of the Zpagetti yarn and your personal taste.
Zpagetti usually contains of 95 percent of cotton and some percentages of elastane or lycra. It is therefore washable at low temperatures. Items made in Zpagetti can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at low temperatures in a pillow cover.\

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