Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rainbows of cheer!

Normally on a school run we are greeted with heavy rain or always manages to happen as we venture out for some reason. There must be something in the air that says "beware, parents on the loose, lets get em with rain....!" I do love rain and all the elements but when you have to collect the kids in it its not friendly.
We have been hit by horrid bats of rain this year and this week is no exception. It has caused so many disruptions countrywide. I know its the same in other parts of the world too. I can't complain so much though, because we have been so fortunate not to have been hurrendously effected by it like others..... I digress though. We were greeted by the most beautiful rainbow right before getting the kids from school, and although the clouds looked threatening, the rain held off. It kind of felt like someone was cutting us some slack lol. Everyone was eyes up staring at the sky like there was some paranormal activity going on. Including me, and everyone was talking about it to each other. It was so lovely. I'm so glad I have a camera on my phone. You can't really do rainbows and sunsets and other such things justice by taking picture like that but I thought it would be rude not too do it.
So happy, rainy rainbow.


The colours of this rainbow were incredibly bright and the whole thing was visible from the start to the end. Nature is so magical...

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