Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lovely finds

I'm finding some lovely things in antique stores and charity shops at the moment. Generally speaking I don't have the time to rummage through second hand shops and the likes but when the opportunity arises I love to. It's fantastic! There's a great sense of achievement for me when I find something I need when rummaging and it's pure pleasure too. I love taking old and making it new for me and my family....a lot of the vintage things I find are great quality and will become heirlooms....indeed, thats what I have in my mind when I'm out and about.

I want to post about the mid-century furniture we've found in a local antique store for our home but for now, It's all about the small treats and trinkets that will come in good use very soon....


I'm made up about my porcelain duck I picked up for £1. As soon as I saw it I knew it was mine. So so pleased as it looks wonderful on our bookcase....The yellow doily I also bought for 50p.

Look how pretty she is....

Vintage, hand embroidered napkins...£2.75 for 6. These will be used for our upcoming dinner party. They are just lovely!


I love a bit of Christmas in a mug....£1


The wreath I got for £5 and added the battery powered led lights for £2.50. I have seen wreaths like this costing up to £40 with a bit of ribbon on so this is a bargain! And it looks so pretty.


These beautiful candle stick holders were 50p for the pair...Unbelievable!

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