Friday, 16 November 2012

Cable Knit Cushion

Apart from being busy decorating and trying to spruce our new-ish home up in time for Christmas, I have been making a couple of things too.....I really wanted to share them with you, but beware, the pictures aren't that impressive!

I found a large stash of 'unfinished' projects that I really needed to take on and do something with....guilt and agitation were getting the better of me and because I have been otherwise covered in paint, I thought it best to have a change of scenery before I went mental....Using a couple of cable knitted squares I had done about 5 years ago....yes 5 YEARS!....I decided to make a wee cushion to sit on our 1950's chair. Luckily, the colours were perfect and I am am feeling quite smug that all is well, and that the 5 year wait made it possible for these lovely, squishy and cosy squares to be used for our home. Yay! One happy lady!

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