Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Just a few snaps of the the get-away we had as a family at the end of the school holidays. We decided to brave the terrible Summer we had here in England, and camp. 
We love camping....the adventure of it all, the cooking, sleeping, fresh air and generally moseying about in pjs and socks.
We stayed at a beautiful place in Filey, North Yorkshire....overlooking the ocean. Absolutely breath taking views, a really great spot.
Though we enjoyed the views and a little sunshine, the weather soon turned the day before we were due to go home. Winds of around 30/40 mph came straight off the sea onto our tent and blew like mad! The tent we have is awesome and well worth the money. Its an Outwell tent with steel poles, so we were ok. Other campers were not so lucky and blew away across the site. One blew over the edge of the cliff where we were staying. The children were not at all phased and enjoyed every bit of it. And so did we really. We ended up having some great days out. One of our favourites was the Sealife centre in York. What a great place for the family. We shall definitely visit again.

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