Friday, 3 August 2012

Sunny Sandy Day

What a beautiful day we had at the beach!  The weather started out pretty cloudy and showery, but that didn't last. The sun popped through the clouds, dried everything up and told us all to come out and play.

I was feeling quite tired yesterday because i haven't been feeling great, but I had to get out with the kiddies. A few weeks ago I purchased a cheap little beach tent and some provisions in order to tempt me more to go to the beach. I'm not a natural beach lover, so to find the motivation to go out, load the car with two young ones, drive 30 minutes, unload again and get sand in not an easy thing for me to do. But, I was determined to get over it and so I bought some pretty and useful beach necessities to help me along.  In the end it was lovely. My new Mollie Makes magazine accompanied me, along with some pretty wool so I indulged myself in a little crochet while the little ones played. they were great! They even made a friend and built sand castles with her which, we later decorated with pebbles and shells. It never ceases to amaze me how young children strike up friendships within a very short period of time, and then get on like they have known one another forever!

When tide came in, we all went for a paddle then packed up just in time for the rain starting. the kids said they missed their little friend Lucy and wanted to go back so as to see her again. however, they weren't from around here and were only visiting on holiday. Sad really, they wont ever see each other again, unless by small chance.

Needles to say, I have been converted to beach loving and will be going again very soon.

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