Friday, 4 May 2012

Fracture Friday

So Sunday just gone I slipped and fell on some tiled floor. I was wearing my patent kitten heals at the time. I managed to crush my left foot, fracturing the top bone. Ouch it hurt! So hubby took the kiddies to mums and he got me to A&E. I ended up having an X-ray and a half-cast for a week until I visited the fracture clinic. I've been shifting about on crutches having a lot done for me. When it comes to relying on people I find it very difficult because I'm normally very independent and doing stuff for other people. I guess it's been a lesson for me to learn. I have to say times like this, you certainly know who your friends are. People I really thought were close to me have made me think a bit. The people I overlooked have shown true colours and made me look outside the friendship box.
Anyway... I am so grateful for the phone calls and actually help from friends and family and of course my wonderful husband. He's been a darling!
I've not been able to do much around the house, so I took the opportunity to crochet, sew, look at beautiful books, listen to music and join Pinterest!.... Of which I am now addicted to. It's now a case of "goodbye" Facebook and "hello" Pinterest! Lol I love it.

So this is my first break and I feel very much for folks who have broken or fractured bones! I totally understand how it is!

I had my appointment at the fracture clinic this's normally "funky Friday" but I have renamed it just for today lol. I don't have a cast, I have an Air-boot which gives me the support I need and the independence with crutches, especially with having two littlies....I feel somewhat liberated that I can move more freely. Simple things eh!

Have a great weekend folks!

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