Friday, 13 April 2012

Funky Friday

The weather has been a bit iffy of late...but we decided to pack a picnic lunch and if it was fine we would eat at the park. If not, we would have it the car and have an adventure drive.
We did the latter!

So we drove on the back roads for a while, enjoying the wildlife and fields and wind turbines a plenty, when we came to a garden centre....not just any old garden centre, one with trampolines lol. Result! AND.... in the gift department......behold, Pip Studio delights. I couldn't quite believe my eyes..... I got me a Pip shopper and the littlies played on the trampoline. After, we had a lolly and drink and they fell asleep the rest of the way home. I did purchase a plant too and an awesome trolley picnic bag which were reduced!...hurray for back roads and adventures lol


Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Surely a perfect piece of writing! We've book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they'll be intrigued, thank you very much!