Friday, 20 April 2012

Blossoms of blue

It's that time again....I can't believe another Friday has come and nearly gone. I think that the older I get (not that I'm old) time ticks by quicker. Please tell me if you agree just so I know I'm not going bonkers.

I guess I've made it a habit to blog on Fridays.... Its my favourite day of the week and you know Fridays are "funky Fridays" in our house. The kids live for them. Today they played for longer and went to bed later. They ate rather large chocolate chip cookies and garlic bread which is their favourite at the moment.
Then we spent most of the "down time" after school in the garden. We've had so much rain all over the country the last few days and everything is looking so fruitfully, blossomy and green. We planted the sunflower plants which we'd started a couple of weeks ago. The kids then played with rocks and stones while I had a good go at tidying the rockery which was overflowing with bulbs galore. I dug a lot of them out and saved them for a lucky pot and mixed in some delicious compost ready to start again. That's where the sunflowers live now.
Not quite three months ago we moved into this house. I realise I haven't recorded anything to do with our move or the house....feeling a sense of urgency that I should get some "before" snaps done before its too late and writing just a little about where us Rolfe's will be living for the remainder of our days.... Oh yes! We're going nowhere!
For now though I'm sorting the garden because before we know it, summer will be upon us and the entertaining and alfresco dining will start.

So here is the current situation with the garden.

Bert and Rosemary have something going on!

Little sunflower plants....hiding

Herbs and other stuff

Stawberry plants and one golden raspberry plant (left)

A garden cannot go without trinkets

Bee friendly blossoms of blue that grow in an upward rather than outward direction.

The beginnings of my beloved Japanese twisted willow (right)

Oh! How I love thee, Sweet Pea!

Miracle grow number 1


Loving my white beach rocks

Recently added heathers which will thinks I might have put one too many in.....?

Miracle grow number 2

More pretty blossoms

I recently added large rocks for depth and interest to all that growth

This lot needs cleaning for the kids....

The silver coal bunker will eventually be moved to the back of the garden, and the wooden spindles will be removed to open the decking up more.

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