Sunday, 4 March 2012

The simplest Washi tape

I'm loving seeing all the different colours and prints for Washi tape at the moment. I thought I'd have a go myself. Its so versatile and pretty.

I used masking tape to print onto to make mine. The thing about masking tape though, is that it's really low adhesive so it doesn't stick very well to stuff unless it's to itself. I made a mini garland with the printed strips and folded it over string to so it stuck quite well. Of course the good thing about masking tape is that the adhesive doesn't damage the surface it's stuck to.....
I found a lovely handmade stamp in oxfam and had to have it. Didn't have anything in mind when I purchased it but as soon as I thought about making some Washi tape I thought of my stamp.....the perfect match.

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