Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy 2012

So here I am wondering how to grace my blog tonight....I wanted to pay attention to something nice to bring the blog into the new year.
At the moment there is a lot going on in the Rolfe household. We are approaching our house move which I am extremely excited about....not stressed, just giddy excited and looking forward to building our home once again so my thoughts aren't focused on creating pretty things right now.....arrr there's plenty of time for that!.....I am reluctantly taking a break from making and creating to plan and declutter for
Our move. I am surprised at the accumulation of stuff that has developed right under my nose over the years. But at the same time its lovely to see the memories we have made as we go through our stuff.
I digress from the topic a little......I love interior design! I have a fetish for gawping at interiors, style and decor and that's just what I have been doing of late. I have a general idea of the way I would like things in our new home, but those ideas change sometimes when you occupy a space. I think it's great though... ... Not changing ones mind about an idea but developing it according to the surroundings, space and situation in life.
At the moment we have two young children who are beautifully growing and developing themselves.....they demand a lot of time, energy, space imagination and the likes so I am aware that they are very much at the centre of my creating, designing and planning thought processes right now. I want them to make the loveliest memories in their home.....but with style in mind it needs to be fresh, maintainable, practical and cosy. For me, when a space is all of the mind is all of the above and I am free to create wonders. A day to day burst of aesthetically pleasing images and objects makes me feel well about most things in my life and that includes raising the children and making beautiful things.
So, in my searches I have been inspired by a few of the following.....Scandi-chic! Clean, light living spaces with style and practicality.....despite there being an abundance of white!

So, Happy New Year to you all....and may your spaces be your sanctuary...Wherever you may be

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