Monday, 5 December 2011

Pom Pom Tutorial

Here is my tutorial to make a simple pom pom using the letter box method. I find it easier and quicker than cutting out the circle and winding the yarn through and around.

All we do here is wind the yarn as many times as you need (depending on the thickness of your pom pom) around the rectangle. ( I wound 100 times for this one). Then tie a long piece of yarn through the letter box and around the yarn....make sure it's tight so you don't loose strands after cutting.
Then cut the yarn top and bottom to release the whole pom pom from the letter box (which should still be in tact ready to use again). If it is loose, tie another piece of yarn tightly around the middle before shaking it to fluff up.
After that......give your almost done pom pom and hair cut using the cardboard discs. Sandwich your pom pom evenly between the discs and start trimming.

Give your fluff-ball one last shake then you're done.....HURRAY!

Now go make some more and have a pom pom fight!

Cheers. Lisa xx

Wind yarn about 100 times

Make it tight around the middle

Cut top and bottom of the yarn to release the pom pom.

Almost done...........

Pom pom sandwich for a hair cut

See scarf in the next post for the end result.

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