Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Birthday Treats

I just had a Birthday and received some lovely surprises from friends and family. Here are some of the delightful things I took piccys of....some of the gifts I couldn't take pictures of because I ate them so fast that there was no chance of capturing them.

My good friend Janine made me wall art...she really wanted to give me something handmade for my birthday and I really love it. The colours are so fresh and so Janine xx

I thought it went lovely with my birdies.

My friend Sandy machine stitched this beautiful brooch for me along with the pretty heart. She also gave me a few little things that she thought I would use for my projects. It's a lovely gift.

You can see more of Sandy's work on her Blog and on flikr. She makes the most aesthetically desirable cakes, machine embroidery mini quilts, crochet and illustrations. Anything she puts her hand to is lovely.

Below, is a pretty oil cloth bag that my Sister Amy sent me. I absolutely love owls. Its perfect.

I bought myself the Kusan hat and neck warmer with birthday I'm all set for the colder days that are coming.

A card from my munchkins. I am so framing this one! Thanks kids!

I love this Pilgrim necklace. Statement, yet delicate!

Ahhh, and Orla oh my am I a lucky girl!! Courtesy of my Mum! Thanks Mum!

This will be packed away safely for our new will be like a birthday all over again when it comes to unpacking!

Thanks for all my beautiful things.


janine gray said...

glad you liked my pressie, just a bit of fun, you look like you got some amazing pressies, what a very lovely birthday :) xoxoxox

Lisa said...

Thank you Janine, I thought it was lovely and fresh and very thoughtful. I love the colours. x