Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hoop Art

I have to say, when we move we will have more I will need to fill them! I know less is more and all that. But if I can have a small, iddy-biddy corner of a wall to place hoop art, I will be a very happy girl!
I have been on the look out for ideas and having a go myself.....I bet we are all thinking, why on earth has this embroidery hoop thing never been a hit before now?! It's a genius way of showcasing the prettiest fabrics, images, stitches, blah bla blah!

Here is one I made very much earlier than today....followed by a few lovelies I really really like!

French knots and crocheted stitches onto vintage fabric.

It all started with the humble hoop!
Check this out for a d.i.y project.

 pretty girls room 

Adorable felt motif

Beautiful vintage fabric 

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