Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Softies

Hi there!

I was having a clear out with some of the childrens clothes and there were a few of my daughter's tops that I didn't want to part with because I really like the fabric and the patterns. So, I thought I would chop them up and make them into softies. It's one of my favourite things to do. I think they would look lovely in her new bedroom when we move.

The thing with softies is that there are no rules. They can be as random, neat, freaky, scruffy, cute......all of those things. Each one can turn out just great. I love making my own pattern and hand stitching bits and pieces onto them to try and make them look unique..........The only thing I would say is, that I used real felt fabric rather than the synthetic felt you can get for kids crafts. It's more expensive but worth it as it doesn't disintegrate over time..................So, here they are. They are made up of felt, wool, denim, small pieces of lush fabric that I blanket-stitched onto the body to give it a little more texture.

I cut up a pair of old jeans for this one (above) and crocheted rather large eyes......
They are both about the size of an A5 diary......and great to cuddle.
Esther just loves them.

Handstitched initials for a little Winky Magic!

And  made with a lot of love

More crochet for the eyes.....only, I added little eyelashes

Why don't you have a go yourself! xx

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