Wednesday, 6 July 2011

More cute softies

I can't get enough of these stuffed, handstitched critters. They are too cute not to show on my blog. Some I have about my house and some I have shared because there are so many different species of softie out there and they present themselves in an array of beautiful colours, shapes and fabrics..........I couldn't resist. Man, if I had more time I would make more of these babies!!

These are a few cuddlies I have about the house (above). Two of which, my half Sister Zoe made and gave to me as presents. The dotty alien she made for my Son Seth and the vintage cat is for me. I made the scotty dog. The mini owl is a brooch I picked up from CallyCo and the other I cannot for the life of me remember??

These little poppets I got from CallyCo at the top of Steep Hill in Lincoln. ( The birds who visit my garden have eaten the feed from these coconut hangers so I sat my little owls inside for their mini photo shoot....awww! 

I love this seahorse.....but can't remember who made it :(
Lovely design.

Look at these! How gorgeous!!..........They obviously belong in different habitats but have decided to just stick together!

When I saw this guy (above) I immediately thought of my husband. He is a dedicated Wing Chung-ist, but I call him my ninja! It gave an idea for a great quirky gift for him. He would love it. 

....................And there's more..............gorgeous bunnies!

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