Saturday, 11 June 2011

Illuminating York 2010 / The Ice Book

When  Paul and I visited York in Autumn 2010 we had the opportunty to see the Illuminating York Festival. This is an annual event and a spectactular one. There were many exhibits showcasing light, the use of it and the effects of it. Naturally, we took pictures but as usual they didn't turn out very well.
I remember the romance of the evenings walking in Deans Park. Full of people, mesmerised by the collaboration of music, colour, reflection, space and the late night air.........and the sound of crisp golden leaves crunching underfoot. Paul and I walked all around the centre and everywhere we turned there was something to see.

Of course we had to see the projection of the York Rose onto the Minster. It was not to be missed and well worth it!!...........During the projection there was music accompanied by narration. It was just fascinating!

Other exhibits I loved were those of Julia Spall, a stained glass designer and artist and The Ice Book. Check out the websites.

Click onto the vimeo link and you will see the film in a little more detail. Of course, seeing it first hand is an experience I will never forget. Fragile, fresh and extremely moving. ............( )

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