Friday, 10 June 2011

For Sale

Our house is now up for sale.

I'm quite excited. The day the sale board came it said "To Let" and was delivered next door lol. When I got home and saw it I thought it was a bit strange that our next door neighbours who had been working so hard to make their house lovely, were letting it. AND they were still living in it.
Anyway, when they arrived home they got a shock to find their house up for let. It was changed very promptly.
However, whilst this board was up, a woman who is already renting was interested so she rang the estate agents and they told her it was for sale but for next door (us) she told them that she was interested in buying her own property and could she view ours!! She arranged to view but had to cancel last minute because her son was poorly and she would rearrange again. Haven't heard anything yet.

We are looking at a few houses in the area and we are surprised to see that we have quite a few options. It's very early days yet so it's just a case of sitting tight and carrying on with hope. I'm sure someone will want to buy our little house, though I will be sad to leave.
So here it is

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