Monday, 30 May 2011

Relocation Rolfe!

We have decided to move house!
When I say it like that it all sounds so plain and simple doesn't it? lol.
As if!!......What are we letting ourselves in for!!.............Seriously though, we are hoping it will be last time we do it. At the moment, we live in a 3 bed semi in a lovely area with great neighbours. But, like any family, we have outgrown it.

We are looking for a place with a few more extras to help us grow the kids, a work studio for me and a quiet space for Paul and his books and music.

Our house goes up For Sale next week and the hunting has already started. We have seen a place we already love which we are keeping our eye on hoping it doesn't sell when it matters. It would be perfect!! This one is a grade 2 listed building that has been refurbished and it meets all our needs. My tummy dances at the thought of owning it. However.  I have to calm down!! I don't want to make the same mistake twice (although it's probably too late now lol). There was a property down the road from us that I have loved since I was in my teens and it has just been sold. It needed so much work doing to it and it would have given us more headache than anything else. So, in a way I am glad it's not on our list now......And there is a little list. As they say "happy hunting"!

With all this hype of us selling up, I haven't had the chance to complete anything creative because I have been decorating and freshening up our house ready to sell. Most of this week will be taken for this purpose too. I'm enjoying it though. I love painting and DIY. It's something I don't mind doing since we gutted our last house and sold it to Pauls parents.

All in all. I am hopeful that our next abode with be great and I am excited about the prospect of it all. Keep you posted! :)

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