Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Life's Treasures!

INTRODUCING a portion of my family. The Husband and Offspring. They are my world!

                  My Husband Paul.

We met in January 2004 and married in the Autumn 2004. This picture was taken in York 2010 (One of our favourite places) on our 6th wedding anniversary.  We both love the romance of the Autumn, hence why we married in it..............Paul is a Pharmacist and he loves his job. He feels he is serving within the community and that it is a great responsibility and a privelage. He also loves cycling. He has one of these road bikes (single speed) and that is his mode of transport to work and back most days......covering 32 miles each day! He's a little nuts to be fair. It doesn't stop there....He loves Wing Chung and has been dedicated to training for 3 years.....I adore him. He is my hero!!

The Kids.

Paul and I have two children. Seth and Esther.

Seth was born in 2006 and Esther in 2009. They take up a lot of my time and energy but this is THE best job in the world. I love being a Mother. They both fill my life with smiles, tears, giggles and so much more. I feel so blessed.

After taking Paul to work early one morning we stopped at the beach for a walk. The sun was blazing down and there was hardly anyone around....(give or take a few dog walkers and runners). The kids chased the tide and we collected tiny shells. It was a great start to the day.


Easter Cookies!

Over the Easter holidays we did a few crafty things. This was one of them. At least they could eat what they had made too. Esther ended up stuffing as many smarties into her mouth  and pinching Seth's while he wasnt looking. She is soooo cheeky! Seth is kind of getting used to all that with her now. And although her ways sometimes annoy him, he absolutely adores his little Sister. They generally get on very well and play well too. Seth knows his role as big Brother and the girly knows that he will look out for her.

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