Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Paper Stitching

A few years ago I visited a craft show at the NEC in Birmingham with some very close friends who love to craft. I have to take a note book because there are so many ideas I take from those shows. By the end of the day our heads are ready to explode with new and exciting projects. 
As we were about to leave we passed an exhibit that I was drawn to. A lady had pieces of artwork on display and I was intrigued as to how she did it so, I asked her. She explained the technique she had used and I thought that at some point I would have a go at it. 6 Years later.....I had a go!!

Here's how I did it!
  •  Here I have machine stitched along and across pretty paper to create small squares. (Patchwork affect).
  • I then sprayed the stitched paper with water to dampen it a little then destorted it by pulling it on each side slightly so that it ripped in places but not completely. Then I hung it to dry.
  • I then prepared a small canvas by wet-washing it with selected watecolors to get a red sunset effect.
  • Then I prepared some yellow/red mixed watercolours and mixed it with PVA to paint onto the dried paper. It looks like it has been slightly t-bagged or aged. PVA also makes the paper stronger. 
  • Then I glued it to the canvas and added the details later.

I loved this project from start to finish and plan to do more wall art like this. It's a very simple yet effective technique that has stayed with me all these years. Unfortunately I did not get the ladys name. But all due credit to her for developing this idea.

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