Friday, 15 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Some of the things I love around my home.

This image is a card that my Sister Amy gave to my Daughter Esther for her second birthday. It's one of my favourite images at the moment.
 As I was waiting for my car to be fixed in Horncastle, I wandered around the second hand shops and antique stores looking at vintage stuff. I wasn't looking for aything in particular but I stumbled upon a shop that was at the bottom of any ally down from a cute cafe. The shop was shut so I peered through the window with delight!! I saw reclaimed funiture, stools, small vintage tables, baskets and all kinds of handmade items made out of vintage and modern fabrics. 1950's style everything. Citch, brightly coloured, happy items!!I had to get into this shop and have a nosey.

I rang a mobile number that had been stuck to the door and below it said " Be back in 10 minutes" Well I wasn't about to wait so I rang the number and the couple who owned this shop were chatting on the market so they came back straight away. I felt like royalty when they opened up for me and even before they had chance to put the lights back on I had decided what I wanted.
I saw this cabinet in the window for £70 and I knew what I would do with it once it was mine. To my suprise, they announced that they were selling everything off cheap because they were moving premises and they only had a week or so to get rid of everything. To cut the story short.....They sold me the cabinet for £25. (Yes I haggled a weeny bit)

The wife and I chatted about fabric and making pretty things etc. It was a pleasure. I arranged to collect the cabinet once the car had been fixed. Job done! So I changed the door knob from a silver one (that did not go with it at all) to a pretty blue one that I purchased from one of my favourite little shops in town Dragonfly.
In it you will find trinkets I have collected and things I have made. I just love it. It's the first thing I see in the kitchen bar the dirty dishes, and I have great pleasure changing things around in it.
Every girl should have a place to show off their beautiful things.

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