Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Brain Ache.

I have to say that a lack of time, energy and space is making my brain hurt because of this passion I have for creating things. I cannot believe how frustrated I feel right now. I am constantly having to write things down, sketch and doodle to satisfy this hunger. Searching the net for "eye candy" (not THAT kind of eye candy) the kind that makes you start some amazing new project or finish the ones that have taken far too long to finish. I don't have much space at home to keep any one project out in order to complete. Unfortunately I am having to clear my beautiful belongings away so we can eat at the table lol.....And then of course I am left with this thirst that I cannot quench!

I would love a room.....a table to keep things out and so that I can finish them. I want a real relationship with my sewing machine!!..........Then, I would be unstoppable!

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