Saturday, 21 August 2010

Half empty or half full??

I love life!!.....I love my family. I love my Mum and Dad and as I have grown I have developed a deep love and respect for them as my parents.
Happy Mum and Dad on the blessing day of my first child.
My parents are not perfect. They know they are not perfect but they have lived longer than me and they are my parents. I adore them. My Mother is funny, bright, loving and warm. She tirelessly gives and thinks of others. She is immensely talented, though she cannot see it. She is so blessed to have been created this way...I feel blessed that she has been created this way. Mum loves her family. She loves her children for all that we are. Unconditionally....Though there are times when we wrong her, she continues to love us and except us as her children. I have learned many things from my Mum. I am married and I am also a mother. It's a miracle. I cannot fully explain the feelings I have for my own children so I can only imagine how she feels about me. When my children do something amazing....I am elevated!...When I do something amazing she must feel the same way too. I always want my mother to feel elevated. She deserves just that. I find joy and peace inside when I try to make her laugh. If she is having a blue day, I make it my mission to try and make her smile. She is a friend I never want to lose. I love her company, her knowledge, compassion, skills, "know-how" and patience. A great Mother is not just somebody who has excelled in the world, in education, in her persuits or ambitions. It's the warmth of home she creates, the time and love and the patience she shows for her children and grandchildren that make her the Mother she is. If there is one thing I want to succeed in while I am is to be a good Mother because it is the hardest yet THE most rewarding persuit any woman will make. Love you Mum.

I love my Father. I love his humour, his whit, sarcasm, strength and persistence to make his family happy no matter what. He is hard working. I have always known this. He has always provided for for us. He's a good listener, gives good advice, he is gentle although his rough exterior (although not so much in recent years) does not define who he is. He has compassion. He loves his children and his grandchildren. He is willing.....whenever I need him he is there. I love his company. I always feel better and seem to think clearer when I've spoken to Dad. He's assertive and happy natured. Mostly positive. He's a lovely man. He gives brilliant "Daddy" hugs that make horrid monsters go away. I feel safe when I'm with Dad. He is a good man. He delights in the simple things that we do as his children do. He delights when we are happy. I look up to my Dad. I respect him and all that he stands for. I love that he respects Mum. Dad has taught me many things. There have been times when he has saved the day for me and has become my hero.Dads strengths out-weigh his weaknesses. I love him dearly.

I have been blessed with good parents.....too many blessings to number.

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